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Voice over IP - VoIP

Entreprise VoIP Solution

1 - Features

Revolutionary, reliable, powerful enterprise telephone system and a full-featured call-processing server. Computerized Telephony Integration platform for business.

You will have many features including:
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
  • Voicemail Services with Directory
  • Conferencing Server
  • Packet Voice Server
  • Encryption of Telephone or Fax Calls
  • Heterogeneous Voice over IP gateway (H.323, SIP, MGCP, IAX)
  • Custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
  • Soft switch
  • Number Translation
  • Calling Card Server
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Call Queueing with Remote Agents
  • Gateway and Aggregation for Legacy PBX systems
  • Remote Office or User Telephone Services
  • PBX long distance Gateway
  • Telemarketing Block
  • Standalone
  • Voicemail System

Many of the world's largest telephone companies have committed to replacing their existing circuit switched systems with packet switched voice over IP systems. Many phone companies are alread transporting a significant portion of their traffic with IP. Many calls made over telephone compan equipment are already being transported with IP.

Packet switched voice over IP systems are in principle as efficient as a synchronous circuit switched systems, but only recently have they had the potential to achieve the same level of reliability as the public switched telephone network or proprietaryPBX equipment. With the invention and implementation of RTP (real time protocol) and SIP (session initiation protocol,) voice over IP has the technological base to obsolete the circuit switched public switched telephone network.

Scenario - A Small Office can benefit a small office. In this scenario, a small office has four lines from the telephone company, each with its own telephone number. The office ha ten users. There is a fax machine and a conference room. The ten users eac have an IP telephone. There is an IP telephone in the conference room. Th small business can easily afford the inexpensive server.

The server manages calls for the four lines and all the phones and fax machines in the office. Any incoming call on the fourth line is directed to th fax machine. An incoming caller dialing the first line hears a voice menu There are choices for accessing a company directory, calling the operator, contacting sales, or dialing an extension directly.

The caller wants to speak to someone in sales. They consult the directory for the sales extension. They press 100 on their telephone keypad, the extension for sales Three phones are in the sales department. All three phones ring. There is distinctive ring that lets the sales staff know this is an incoming call from potential customer.

If no phone is answered by the fourth ring, the caller is given the choice of leaving a message or contacting the operator. If the user leaves a message, it is stored i a separate voicemail box for the sales department. Each of the three users i sales is sent an e-mail message letting them know that there is a new sales call.

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